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Cheap International Faxing by Lycamobile GSM

Are you worried about the higher fax rates and Internet charges? We got you the best GSM carrier of all for people in the UK. Our phone fax app helps you get closer to your family and friends for longer periods of time. It gives bundles of national, weekly and data-pack offers with cheap national and international faxing rates on GSM phones. Nowadays, if we recharge online there is almost 10% deduction from our total top up, but Lyca gives the extra credit on each single top up, instead of cutting the top up amount. It also provides LycaMoney Card, which is in two versions Green and Silver and card cost is only £4.99 .

LycaMobile v/s GSM Carriers

Now let us start with the comparison of international fax rates of Lycamobile’s and O2 carrier’s.


PHILLIPIENS - 0.14 Pound

PAKISTAN - 0.08 Pound

As we can see in the above table, O2 is overall much more expensive than Lycamobile. Although faxing from UK to Bangladesh from mobile O2 rate is cheaper, It is way expensive in most cases. Overall Lycamobile charges are cheaper as compared to O2 carrier’s rates as well as other GSM carriers we had a cursory glance on. So will recommend you to go for Lyca with lower international faxing rates.

LineUp of Bundle Packs:

Here is a lineup of the pack of bundles provided by Lycamobile. It will help you to choose the best pack from options for your international faxing.

1. National Pack

5 £ : 100 fax + 100 sms

10 £ : 500 fax + unlimited SMS & National data

20 £ : 1000 fax + unlimited SMS & National data

30 £ : 2000 fax + unlimited SMS & National data

40 £ : 3000 fax + unlimited SMS & National data

“A great offer for the one who travel different states frequently, like business man, marketing persons etc.”

2.Weekly/Monthly Value pack

100 Weeks : 100 faxs to lan/mob.

200 Weeks : 200 faxs to lan/mob.

250 Weeks : 250 faxs to lan/mob.

500 Weeks : 500 faxs to lan/mob.

1000 Weeks: 1000 faxs to lan/mob

“People who love to play for shorter time, this value pack is for those. According to me it is not much fruitful, recharging monthly and weekly will need more memory to remember, do for a year and relax”

3. Data Value Pack

Data 5: 500 MB at just 1.25 £

Data 7.5: 1 GB at just 2.50 £

Data 10: 2 GB at just 5 £

Data 12: 3 GB at just 6 £

“I always love watching news and playing games in the free time, as i don’t get much time to watch it regularly on TV, so this data pack helps me refresh my mind by lower data pack charges”

4. Unlimited Data Value pack “Hey dear, don’t miss the chance to get the unlimited texting and faxing benefit with just 9.90 £“

5. All In one Pack, a fixed price package which give unlimited text, fax, and internet offer.Unlimited Lyca to Lyca faxs & texts ,3000 international faxs and texts with all in 29, 35 and 39 pack.

“According to me this is the best pack, as it give us a full fledged offer benefit with text, faxs and internet. So from now we don’t need to do different top up for different service.

All the offers will be valid till 30-11-2013.


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