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A model individual declaration for students

During the growing years, we come across several life situations involving core concepts of psychology without even comprehending them. In my early school years, I had always been a child intrigued by the human experience of emotions such as happiness and worry. When I was experiencing emotions of happiness, I always wanted to experience happiness endlessly. However, when certain activities stop giving me joy, I always used to question this occurring with a strong “why”. I had always been a positively curious child, I used to question essay writer about my state of emotions and thinking.

During 9th standard when I got poor grades, I used to sit in my room and think about those students who passed with flying colors. I used to question how long they will stay happy, and when the next engagement in school might put an end to their celebration. As you can see, a personal statement is written in the first person and a prolific essay writer can handle your statement with responsibility and tact. If you want to write a strong personal statement to go along with your college application, try to be honest and have clarity in your address.

My initial memories when I started to read about human psychology were during my winter vacations. I was sitting with my cousin on a gloomy evening, and looking from the window. He suddenly asked me about the subconscious mind. I was in 6th grade to be exact. I didn’t know anything about the subconscious mind but this question has taken all the space in my conscious mind that evening. I started to look into the subject matter. If you are concerned about writing a strong personal statement, you can always hire a reputable essay writer online. I googled my first psychology-related terminology that evening; what is the subconscious mind. Since then, my exploration of human psychology as a subject, and as a personal journey has been adventurous and enlightening, to say the least. Due to a lack of interest in other subjects, I could not score extraordinary cumulative grades. However, my psychology results have always been outstanding.

After reading Sigmund Freud, Carl Rogers, and Irvin D Yalom; Myers Briggs type indicator (MBTI) and attachment theory have gained my interest. At the minimum, I was overwhelmed by the practical implication of the two areas within psychology. Secondly, I was also surprised as to why certain theories were not given deserving attention, and importance. I started to relate my interpersonal problems with attachment theory and found no dearth of evidence about the linkage between my interpersonal issues and attachment dilemmas. A professional paper writing service can handle your statement according to your requirements. A personal statement should be properly organized and well structured. The body paragraphs of your statement should be easy to read but also descriptive of your qualities.

My interest in psychology further deepened when I started reading about clinical psychology. How unorganized handling of life events leads to the development of severe clinical disorders. The admission process is a hectic routine, so you can always contact a professional service, and ask for guidance relating to personal statements or write my essay. The role of nature versus nurture in the onset of various psychological issues remained an interesting subject matter for me. As I have always suffered general anxiety before the examinations, psychology has given me a sense of empathy with the people who suffered anxiety in the shape of lifelong clinical disorders. As you are reading the construction of this personal statement, it is evident that your tone should be convincing, but it should also be natural and realistic.

After reading a substantial amount of material on Applied psychology, I have realized that psychology is not only a subject, but it is a knowledge that drives our life. At any stage, if you feel that a professional essay writer can help guide you with your statement; do not hesitate to contact. Due to some life-changing events in life, I have suffered from general anxiety. Reading about Cognitive behavior therapy principles, I had started to challenge some of my irrational beliefs. The results were astounding, all of my anxious feelings disappeared within a matter of days. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) techniques have improved the quality of my life by leaps and bounds.

When I see people in my circle suffering from debilitating stress and anxiety, I have an immense desire to help them. I understand that every human has the potential to resolve his issues provided the inclusion of necessary guidance. You have seen that a personal statement consists of balanced paragraphs, and you always have the opportunity to ask a professional to write my paper. I want to acquire a profession where I can help people. I have realized that psychology is not merely a subject for me; it is a passion that flows within my psyche.

Considering my knowledge base in psychology, and a natural aptitude towards the field, I see myself as a deserving candidate for studying psychology in your prestigious institution. I want to assure you that the seat I will acquire in the college classroom will be allocated to a psychology devotee. I am sure that I will learn a lot in the psychology department, and the department might also find me as a valuable inclusion. I am strongly hoping for my admission to your respected institution.

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