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Since we have so many visitors to our site, blog and our social we thought you might want to interested in small experiment. As you know most of our posts on blog are related to unblocking regions, VPN, proxy servers, change of IP address, privacy, etc. However range of related topics can be and actually is much, much bigger than that. With that in mind we would like to invite you to write for us and for the rest of our readers.

“I surf the web with VPN…

… and now and than I find things” that bother me, that I would like to share. Or perhaps you are a student and you need an official place to publish articles under your own name. Or maybe you simple wanted to write from time to time, but not as much as you would want to start your own blog.

We thought that we would love to see some texts from you. At this point it would simply be a favour. We could publish your work under your own name or alias, that is completely up to you.

And as we have just said we would not require for you to write anything about VPN, SmartDNS or our privacy service specifically. All subjects IT, privacy, Internet, product reviews, recommendations, etc related would be more than welcome. At the same time, if you would happen to write for us frequently we do not say that other types of cooperation would not be possible. But that would be the thing of the future.

HideIPVPN is Heartbleed safe

We are certain many of you have heard about “Heartbleed”, recent bug or loophole in OpenSSL protocol. We wanted to let you know that you are safe at HideIPVPN! OpenSSL is one of the most popular libraries used be web servers.When you log into you bank account, our client area or any other place that hold sensitive data in the address bar you should see a green padlock, next to https (http secured). In theory, that meant that you connection to server (sort of a different veepn extension tunnel) is secure (encrypted) and that if anyone would happen to get to data you exchange all he will get is recognizable gibberish. As it turned out few days ago that is not true.

Open SSL is not secure – be careful!

Now it turns out that there is a serious bug in this protocol. What is worse for user is that there is nothing you can do about it from your end. Bug has to be fixed by server administrator.

Since we do take all subjects security and privacy related very seriously we took immediate action and our part of the site is fully secured. You can check any site you want against Heartbleed problem here .

In the mean time we would advise you (as always) to put additional layer of encryption on your connections by activating a secure VPN connection. Today hackers are using methods to steal your data that you will read about tomorrow – why make things easy?

Try our free VPN today and remember, our packages come with free proxy servers and free smart dns access included!

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