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VPN4ALL iPhone App

VPN4ALL has developed a good iOS app helps users connect to their VPN servers in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. It is one of the only VPN apps for iPhone that will stay on even after your device goes into sleep mode.

First a quick overview of VPN4ALL. They manage a network of chrome extension free vpn servers spread across 32 countries. They’ve developed mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Along with VPN client software for Mac and Windows users.

VPN4ALL Special Offer

VPN4ALL offers mobile VPN access for just $5.99 a month. Save 15% off the first month using coupon code VPNSP. Visit VPN4ALL to sign up.

Download from the App Store

The VPN4ALL iOS app is available to all members for free. Simply visit the iPhone app store to download the latest release. The app is compatible with iPhone 3 GS, 4, 4S and 5. Along with iPad and iPad Touch (3rd generation or later).

As an iPhone 5 user we appreciate that the app has been optimized for the larger screen. We’ve also tested it on an iPhone 4S, iPad and iPad Mini. The usability and performance was good on each device. You’ll need to run iOS 4.3 or later.

The VPN4ALL app will save you time. Rather than manually configuring your iPhone or iPad to a specific server address you can let the app do the work for you. Use the app to switch between servers based on your location or need.

iOS App Login Screen

When you first launch the app you’ll want to enter your email address and account number. If you don’t already have an account they also have a “Buy Now” button. In order to save 15% off using coupon code VPNSP you’ll need to visit their site.

Server Selection & Data Limit

The VPN4ALL app for iPhone and iPad will help you get set up with the service. You can use the app to choose a server in the US, UK or Europe. Then sit back and watch it set your device to connect to that server. With the ability to track data usage.

You can set your monthly data limit in the app. For mobile subscribers the limit is 5 GB a month. If you subscribe to their 50 GB or unlimited plans then you can set the appropriate limit.

Tracking Data Usage

You can easily track your data usage in the iOS app. Including the amount of data used in the current VPN session. Along with a graph view of the last day, week or month of data used.

Mac & Windows Clients

The VPN4ALL client is compatible with Mac and Windows. You can download the latest version directly from their site. They also provide set up guides for iOS and Android devices. Their PDF instructions will walk you through setting up a connection.

You can use the VPN client software on Mac or Windows to connect to any of their server locations around the world. The services supports OpenVPN in the client. For iPhone and iPad they provide an iOS guide to easily connect using L2TP.


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