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Smart Watches That Will Blast You Into the Future: iOS vs Android

Considering a smartwatch? What do you think about the competition between iOS and Android? Do you think about perfect design or safety apps like ? These are the cream of the crop.

Apple Watch Series 7

The newest generation of the infamous Apple Watch, the Series 7, is a smartwatch with unparalleled popularity among tech lovers—it’s unclear whether that’s due to the brand name itself or the features. The bright OLED display is mesmerizing, featuring 1,000 nits of brightness.

The most notable upgrade is surely the ability to leave your phone behind and go on a run, get in the water, or get busy DIYing in your garage, and still have the ability to make calls and send texts, ask Siri for directions, set a reminder plus, stream your favorite songs and more.

The watch is great for all your fitness needs as well, featuring an overwhelming array of fitness tracking features and sensors, including Nike+ Run Club. It has built-in GPS for recording the distance, speed, and route of your outdoor workouts, an altimeter for tracking elevation, and it’s swim-proof and tracks both pool and open-water workouts, and even allows you to do back-to-back workouts, tracking each one separately and then seeing an overall summary at the end. Furthermore, you can pair your watch wirelessly with compatible gym equipment.

The Apple Series 7 smartwatch tracks heart rate, speed, and calories, too. Apple claims the battery life to be 18 hours, but you will likely find normal usage to give you around 2 to 3 days of battery life on a single full charge.

Garmin fēnix® 3

This Garmin is a great smartwatch for people looking for top-notch GPS technology, featuring Omni-directional EXO™ stainless steel antenna, with GPS/GLONASS satellite reception, which can track more challenging environments than GPS by itself.

The Garmin fēnix® 3 is the newest addition to the brand, and it’s loaded with quality features. It uses its own OS as well as its own app store, making it feel like it’s not trying to replicate other brands.

The watch is made of rugged material, making it great for adventurous types. It has a protective stainless steel bezel and buttons and reinforced housing for extra durability. And for any time of day, there’s the high-resolution color Garmin Chroma Display with LED backlight, which allows you to access your data no matter the lighting conditions.

It’s water resistant up to 100 meters and has a battery life of up to 50 hours when in UltraTrac™ battery saver mode, 16 hours in GPS mode, and up to 3 months in watch mode.

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