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Thematic Directions for Essay Writing

We already know five thematic areas for which students need to prepare. Many people think that it would be better to prepare well for only one direction and already know exactly what to choose on the exam. But it is the best option. It may happen that a topic in the direction you have chosen may be too difficult for you, and you will not be able to present a clear literary argument.

Therefore, such a risk will not justify itself. The thematic areas officially approved for this year:

  • "Feeling and reason" (here the student needs to think about the fact that reason and feeling are the most important components of the inner world of a person, affecting his actions and life goals. In written work, these two concepts can be considered as something coexisting in harmony in a person or as always conflicting with each other for the right to possess consciousness);

  • "Dishonor and honor" (these two absolutely opposite concepts define a difficult choice. A person either remains true to himself and his moral principles, or takes the path of deceit, betrayal and lies. In many novels and stories, this problem is the main one, since most writers paid a lot of attention to creating the character of this or that hero, often tossing between honor and dishonor);

  • "Victory and defeat" (this topic is quite extensive, since there is room in it for thinking about conflict situations in the world as a whole, or about how a person struggles with himself. These concepts are rather ambiguous, this is shown in many literary works, such as E. Hemingway "The Old Man and the Sea", W. Golding "Lord of the Flies", etc.);

  • “Mistakes and experience” (here you can speculate about what kind of spiritual experience both an individual person and a whole nation or even the whole of humanity get, and about the mistakes encountered on the path of knowledge and personal growth. Many literary works direct readers to think about the price which we pay for experience and the mistakes we grow on);

  • "Friendship and enmity" (this is an eternal topic of discussion, which allows a person to think about how valuable friendship and mutual understanding between people and nations, as well as about the monstrous results of enmity between them)

Each year, the thematic areas change, so make sure you find someone to custom term paper writing paper.

What you need to know

Key points a student needs to know in order to write an essay and pass the exam:

  • the work is given a differentiated credit, and not just a grade;

  • the optimal amount of work is 350 words, but if the essay is less than 250 words, it will be assessed as "failure";

  • time for the whole work - 4 hours;

  • the exam will have a spelling dictionary that you can use during the exam;

  • topics of written work are announced on the day of the exam itself strictly 15 minutes before the start;

  • the text is written with a pen only with black paste;

  • the essay must be checked no later than 7 days later.

Get ready in advance to write the final essay by ordering it since this is not only admission to the summer final exam, but also additional points for the exam - a maximum of 10. But the university itself will check the work and evaluate it. Good luck with your preparation!


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